Resume Workshop Recap

At the Resume Workshop, the first mass meeting of the year for our Chapter, Staci McFall, the Assistant Director of Career Services in the IU School of Informatics and Computing, and Diana Nolting, the Marketing Manager for the Indianapolis Indians and the PRSSA Committee Co-Chair for Hoosier PRSA, taught members how to refine their resumes. The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. It’s a quick advertisement of who you are. It’s a “snapshot” of you, with the intent of capturing and emphasizing interests and securing you an interview.

McFall emphasized the importance of how to organize your resume. She stated that it’s always important to begin by specifically stating the position you’re applying for. With employers receiving hundreds, even thousands of resumes they’re able to place your resume into a specific category by position. McFall also encouraged listing the little accomplishments and past experiences; they look good on resumes, whether or not they relate to your desired position.

Nolting advocated how important it was to always send a cover letter with your resume.  “When an employer says that a cover letter is optional, they’re trying weed out those who will go the extra mile and those who wont,” Nolting said. She also reminded members to never underestimate the power of a thank you note.

Along with Professor Dennis Elliott, McFall and Nolting were kind enough to meet with members individually to review resumes and offer feedback.

Kaleigh Bacher

Director of Membership


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