Wanted: New Officers for 2010-2011!

Looking for an opportunity to become more involved with IU’s chapter of PRSSA?  Assuming an officer position provides great leadership experience, hands-on public relations work and is also a great resume booster.  Applications are due Monday, March 29.  Please email your completed application and resume to iuprssa@gmail.com.

Officer Duties and Responsibilities


  • Works with officers to provide overall vision and direction for the chapter
  • Takes lead in developing overall research, strategy, planning and program implementation
  • Keeps focus on “big picture” while, at the same time, making sure officers understand responsibilities and handle details
  • Focuses on development of chapter and individual members; strives to help chapter and members be “the best they can be.”
  • Serves as main contact between PRSSA and advisors, dean, other PRSSA/PRSA chapters, and all other outside entities
  • Stays involved with all committees, fundraising efforts, competitions, meetings and events


  • Acts on behalf of the president/PRSSA chapter when president is absent
  • Prepares to step in to take the lead as president the next year
  • Keeps updated contact information for all speakers, advisors and other relevant contacts


  • Takes meeting minutes at every mass meeting and officer meeting
  • Emails meeting minutes to webmaster and makes sure they are posted on the website
  • Works closely with Alumni Newsletter chair to help compose chapter newsletter in December and March (includes all chapter activities during that time period)


  • Handles SAO account: all money going in and out of PRSSA account
  • Makes sure all reimbursements are filed and sent out
  • Records and mails in dues (obtained from Director of Membership)
  • Handles online payments and Paypal account for Membership


  • Sends out all emails pertaining to meetings, scholarships, internships, jobs and all other opportunities for members
  • Manages all email lists
  • Manages membership email account
  • Collects all membership dues and forms from Journalism school
  • Distributes and handles all membership materials
  • Recruits new members


  • Distributes fliers and marketing materials and chalks sidewalks on campus for all events
  • Creates advisor emails
  • Emails Gena Asher (School of Journalism website administrator) and Marcia Debnam (Careers Office) about monthly meetings to be posted on SoJ website
  • Places and picks up flier orders
  • Creates distribution calendar
  • Takes pictures at meetings and committee meetings/events
  • Keeps all fliers and materials on hand for scrapbook
  • Updates and design PRSSA information board to be displayed at the student organization fair


  • Conducts member surveys at all meetings
  • Uses member surveys to develop programming ideas for monthly meetings
  • Manages logistics for monthly meetings
  • Assigns officers to each monthly meeting for assistance
  • Works with faculty and advisers to identify speaker candidates.


  • Updates PRSSA advisers on chapter news
  • Works with Nationals to see how IU chapter can be featured on the website and publications
  • Updates Facebook group and sends out events notices
  • Writes and coordinates news releases and J-school, IDS and IUSTV coverage
  • Updates Twitter account with relevant news and PR information
  • Writes and sends monthly E-newsletters to Chapter members


  • Maintains PRSSA Alumni Database
  • Works with Editor-in-Chief to distribute newsletters to alumni
  • Writes Alumni Profile article in newsletter
  • Tracks down the names and contact information of PRSSA alumni


Officer Election 2010-2011 Application

Taking on a leadership position IU PRSSA is a serious commitment of time and energy.  We appreciate your interest.  Applications will be reviewed by members of the current executive board and the advisers.  All applications are due by Monday, March 29.  Finalists will be notified by Monday, April 5 and invited to an interview the following week. We expect to make a final decision on the officer positions by Monday, April 19.

Please attach résumé and send to iuprssa@gmail.com.  In the subject line, write: “2010 Officer Application: NAME (your name).” Thank you for your interest in PRSSA. Good luck!


Class standing as of Fall semester 2010:

From the list below, choose three (3) PRSSA leadership positions that are of interest to you and rank them in order of preference (number 1 being highest interest):

Vice President



Alumni Relations

Director of Publicity

Director of Membership

Director of Communications

Director of Programming

Why do you think you would be the best candidate for your number one ranked position?

Describe your leadership style in working with others:

What new ideas and goals will you bring to your position and to the officer team?

With the understanding that total consensus is difficult to achieve within a leadership team, describe your approach in contributing new ideas and managing the diverse opinions of others.

In what PRSSA committees or other activities have you previously actively participated?

What demands do you have on your time outside of your coursework? In the upcoming academic year?  Include club and organization activities (noting any leadership positions), work and volunteer hours, and other responsibilities and commitments that require your time.


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