First Mass Member Meeting..Tonight!

TONIGHT IS OUR FIRST MASS MEETING! Remember, we only have one mass meeting a month, so you want to be sure to attend them all!  Please bring your completed membership form and yearly dues ($60).  Extra membership forms will be available at the meeting.
This month’s will be from 8 to 9 p.m. Wednesday in EP220 (the journalism school auditorium). It will feature professionals from health care, government, IU athletics and agency life. You’ll have the opportunity to learn what each professional does every day so you can get a better idea of the different fields public relations has to offer. It will be a very unique experience having all these professionals at one time, and coming to this event could open your eyes to a new area of public relations!



  • Miranda McCage, Associate Digital Strategist at MediaSauce
  • J.D. Campbell, Assistant Athletics Director for Media Relations at IU
  • Marsha Lovejoy, Public Relations Coordinator at Cook Medical
  • Phil Johnson, Media Relations Specialist for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation

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