PRSSA 2009 National Assembly in New Orleans

Indiana University PRSSA officer Alexandra Meyers travels to New Orleans to participate in the PRSSA 2009 National Assembly. Here, she tells us about her experience.


“PR is a personality.”  Evan Roberts of Ohio Northern University may have put it best when asked for his definition of public relations. 


On March 26-29, I had the opportunity and privilege of representing Indiana University at the PRSSA 2009 National Assembly in New Orleans.  This was by far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had thus far. 


Although I was apprehensive being that I was the sole delegate for IU, I went in ready to prove the presence of PRSSA on our campus and bring home ideas for chapter development.  There were over 100 students present at the assembly including persons from across the nation and Argentina.


The weekend began with a welcome reception Thursday night.  Of course with my luck and thanks to travel complications, I made it with only 10 minutes to spare and to catch the tail end of PRSSA President Brandi Boatner’s speech on safety.  Fortunately, this was not an omen forecasting the remainder of my trip. 


Starting bright and early the next morning, we got down to business discussing issues and trends in both the field and among our individual chapters.  This gave the pre-professionals innumerable networking opportunities, and the evening was left free for the students to explore and discover the New Orleans culture with new colleagues. 


The daunting 11-hour assembly approached quickly Saturday morning; however, it was not as painful as it may sound on paper.  If there was ever a doubt about the fervor and tenacity of these pre-professionals, it was put to an end for anyone in attendance at the assembly.  The students take PRSSA seriously and wanted to be certain that they elected the best 2009-2010 National Committee possible.  Also, they wanted to assure the assembly did not run longer as it would cut into their time to explore Bourbon Street once again.    


I returned home late Sunday night, sick and exhausted, but the weekend was an opportunity for me to grow both individually and as a professional.  The passion felt at national events is indescribable, yet infectious.  It pulls you in before you even notice, and you quickly become a part of the PRSSA family.   


One thought on “PRSSA 2009 National Assembly in New Orleans

  1. Alex! I’m glad you had a good time at Assembly and I comepletely agree, I always feel like a part of the PRSSA family at National events! Hope to see you in San Diego too!

    -also, LOVE the shout out lol!

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