Welcome to the Indiana University PRSSA blog!

Hello everyone!

This is our first post on the Indiana University PRSSA blog. This page will be a great way to check for updates and events and to share some ideas! Everyone is more than welcome to comment on posts and to participate in this blog!

Officers for this year include:

President: Mary Reisert (msreiser@indiana.edu)

Vice President: Katie Wickham (kapwickh@indiana.edu)

Directors of PR: Lydia Cox (lyecox@indiana.edu)
                             Sam Manor (smanor@indiana.edu)

Director of Membership: Ali Meyer (alpmeyer@indiana.edu)

Historian: Aimee Reif (anreif@indiana.edu)

Secretary: Sara Schulte (seschult@indiana.edu)

Officer Relations: Kristina Hunter (hunterki@indiana.edu)

Editor-in-chief: Justine Carlotta  (jcarlott@indiana.edu)

Webmaster: Ana Livia Coelho (alcoelho@indiana.edu)

Make sure to check our Facebook group !

If any member has a picture, a video, an article or any ideas to contribute to our blog, *please* do not hesitate in e-mailing it to us! Just contact Ana Livia Coelho (alcoelho@indiana.edu) and we will post it on our page as soon as possible!

Thank you!


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